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Number Crunching

Last January I began the new year with a  blog to challenge myself as a photographer to shoot over 100 days of photography (read it in full here).  I am very proud to say that I shot over 120 days of photos while maintaining a full-time job, volunteering on a few days off, getting engaged and buying house.  My year in photography was improved by finally giving in to the social media application instagram (user name: holoholophoto) and unfortunately for my blog, I love it!  The only negative I can reflect upon would be that my blog writing suffered as well as our Photography 101 challenges with this intense shift towards personal photography.  This is something I would like to remedy in the new year.

I have some plans in the works for the new year that may finally combine my amateur photography with my amateur writing in a positive way for others to be a part of, therefore it will keep me inspired and active.

To put 2014 finally behind me, I have decided to look back and repost a few photos that have appeared on my blog this past year and to share a few words about them as well as a link to their original blog.

Memorial Day, Makawao Veterans Cemetery.  This was my first time hearing Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard speak and I was deeply impressed.  Her words reminded me of the late Senator Daniel Inouye, also a veteran, who always spoke from the heart.

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, Memorial Day, Makawao Veterans Cemetery.

Skellig Island, County Kerry, Ireland.  2014 was the year I finally made a trip over to Ireland.  It was all that I could imagine and more, but Skellig Michael was one of the most amazing places I have ever stepped foot on.

If you can see a red/orange dot to the bottom left on the island.  That is the pier.

Skellig Michael panoramic, taken from a boat, County Kerry, Ireland.

Cayaban Family Photo.  I normally shy away from shooting people, especially posed or in a group setting, but this family holds a special place in my heart and I could not have been more honored or proud to give them something to cherish forever.

Cayaban family, 2014.

Cayaban family, Iao Valley, Wailuku.

Nene in Kihei.  All this time I had been looking for the nene goose along the slopes of Haleakala, and here they were, minutes from my doorstep in hot, dusty Kihei Town.

Honk if you mate for life.

Nene geese in Kihei.

Lawa’i International Center.  An amazing find on our Kaua’i trip in March, the center was such a peaceful and reflective place, with a long history of perseverance, respect and hard-working volunteers.

Remove shoes before entering.

Slippahs lined up outside a temple, Lawa’i, Kaua’i.

Maui Polo.  Upcountry Maui hosts polo for two seasons during the year (spring and fall).  The games are fast paced and graceful to watch, but this poor boy was just tired of the excitement.

On the fence.

On the fence, Polo Match, upcountry Maui.

Big Beach, too early.  I just focused on the waves and the water for a few moments and was at peace without having an agenda.

Bubbles. Vinny

Seafoam, Makena, Maui.

County Kilkenny, Ireland.  The ruined castle where I proposed to Emily.  Thanks to lifelong friends, this picture will always remind me of how life never goes the way you plan, but instead makes you realize it is better than your imagination could ever dream of.

Cantwell's Castle.  Forever in our hearts.

Cantwell’s Castle. County Kilkenny, Ireland.

I tried to get my creative writing juices flowing with my “Mortality Series,” Hangman’s Noose was the one I enjoyed the most so far.

I hope everyone is having a good start to their new year.  2015 promises to be just as exciting as last year for me in my personal life as well as my amateur photography.  I wish nothing but the best for everyone, especially good health and patience.