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Sunset, Sunrise

On New Year’s Eve, Emily picked me up after work and we had a pint at Mulligan’s on the Blue before scouting locations to watch the sunset. We began heading south towards Makena beach park, but found the sun to be setting too far behind the island of Kaho’olawe, so we turned around, drove a bit more north, and decided on a quiet spot near Makena landing (a popular spot during the day for kayak tours and snorkeling). We had the rocky cove all to ourselves and spend the next few moments silently watching the last sunset of 2016.

A panoramic version of the same perspective.

The next morning, Emily was motivated to watch the sunrise. When she is motivated, I am motivated. So we drove down to Baldwin beach, in the town of Paia and watched the sun come up to begin 2017.

The sunrise was colorful and the light on the clouds was soft and full of pastel pinks to compliment the light blues and whites. As we were packing up to head home, a piece of a rainbow was visible off on the horizon. One of the greatest occurrences on Maui is that rainbows can be found just about everyday if you look hard enough for them.

I am still growing every day as a photographer. This past year was a time when I began to feel a bit more confident with some of my images. I was able to see them in my mind, head outside, and create the shot I had imagined. In the past, I always came up a bit short of my visual dream. I hope 2017 will bring me more opportunities to take pictures of things I haven’t seen before and to shoot the images I have in my mind. The more opportunities I get, the stronger my images seem to become. Also, it makes me happy to get outside and take pictures, whether I get a usable image in the end isn’t even a factor anymore. My attitude used to be all about getting the image, but now I seem to enjoy the adventure leading up to shooting just as much as the final result. I still love sitting on the computer, editing my shots, but planning the next opportunity or grabbing my camera to go for a walk around the neighborhood has become just as fun to me.

Towards the end of 2016 I started really getting into long exposure sunrise and sunsets. When you live on an island as beautiful and accessible as Maui, you are blessed to have both options in the same day (provided work doesn’t interfere). I think 2017 will continue to find me learning, experimenting, and getting comfortable with the filter system I purchased in the fall.

Here’s to the future, whatever it may bring.