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Underwhelmingly Overwhelmed

Since we returned from our May/June adventure from Iceland and Ireland, it has been nonstop real life keeping me away from writing. My excuses are abundant and pretty much the norm;¬†work, raising chickens, hosting house guests, hurricanes, etc., but what it comes down to in the end is that I don’t even know where to begin when it comes to blogging about our time in Ireland.

I made a conscious decision not to blog while we were away, but I kept a journal throughout our adventures. I found it hard enough to stay awake after a full day of exploring in order to write a few paragraphs in my journal. I certainly did not think it would have been realistic for me to share a blog every day or every few days, especially since I would have needed to edit my pictures before posting. Keeping the journal allowed me to live in the moment and reflect on everything later in the day when I found time to put pen to paper. I am very glad I chose not to blog while on the road, I think I would have spent too much time in front of the computer, rather than walking around the local town, speaking with people, or enjoying a pint at the pub, and when it comes down to it, those are the experiences worth remembering and sharing.

Now that we are back home and into our work/life routines, the struggle to produce a few blogs to convey the love I have for exploring Ireland has begun. One of the first obstacles I had to overcome was going through the four weeks and over 4,000 images I took while traveling. I used the six 32gb memory cards (two in each camera) while on vacation, but I filled them up during the trip and had to offload them onto an external hard drive to make room for more images. The process of reviewing, deleting, keeping, editing, and perfecting all the images takes me time, although it was a labor of love to relive the moments and remember the places we visited.

The mountain of pictures have been edited, sorted, and categorized for future reference, so step one of my blogging process is complete. Step two is the much harder process, as it is deciding what information to write about and share with the world. Do I begin by writing very broad strokes of exploring Ireland as a whole, or do I try to be a bit more specific and share about certain attractions, experiences, or towns for each blog?

I guess we will all find out which route I decided to take when I post my next blog.