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Getting Lost in the National Gallery

While spending five days in Dublin City this past June, we took advantage of the many free museums and exhibits the city has to offer. We visited Glasnevin Cemetery, the National Botanical Gardens, and the National Museum of Ireland – Archaeology, to name a few. The one we spent the most time in, partially for getting lost and partially because there is so much to see, was the National Gallery of Ireland.

I realized that I should have left my camera in the hotel, but when I asked the docents upon entering whether I could take pictures in the gallery, I was surprised when they said that it was allowed.

As we walked among the diverse artwork from Ireland, Europe, and America, we found ourselves taking a turn here, going down the odd hallway there, and just getting ourselves properly lost amongst the artwork. Not finding any maps, and absentmindedly forgetting to take the free ones as you enter, we continued to look at art, all the while noting the location of exit signs.

Some of the museum’s most well known artists on display are ones that you will be familiar with, if not in subject, style, or medium, then by name recognition. The list is long and impressive with names like; Vermeer, Caravaggio, Titian, Gainsborough, Singer Sargent, Picasso, Degas, Whistler, Rembrandt, and the museum celebrates the art of Irishman Jack Butler Yeats (younger brother to William Butler Yeats, Nobel Prize winner in Literature).

Yes, this is Graham Norton. If he hasn’t said it already, he can tell people he is hung.
Sometimes the art is just too much and you think your head is going to explode.
Saint Patrick.
Having chickens at home, I found this stained glass cock to be interesting.

I am writing you today to assure you that we did in fact make it out alive and possibly a bit richer in culture. I recommend visiting the National Gallery of Ireland while visiting Dublin City, although if you are tight for time, I would also recommend taking a free map of the museum when you enter.