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This Week in Photos: November 19 – 25

I’m falling a bit behind on my “this week in photos” blogs, but the good or bad news is that I won’t have any to share again until mid-December. I have been recovering from surgery (read about it here) and haven’t been out and about with my camera. Soon enough I’ll be back at it, so until then, you can always revisit my instagram account for more pictures.

We had visitors during the week of November 19-25th, so I was able to make it to the summit of Haleakala again. There were also a few neighborhood walks this week as well, which is one of my favorite things to do with my camera on my hip.

Rainbow, banana leaves, and a tin roof…how very Hawaii.
The bark of an alien tree amongst Hosmer’s Grove.

The following picture is of Haleakala “crater”. I put crater in quotes because technical people will always be the first to correct you and tell you there is no crater in Haleakala National Park, and that, in fact, you are looking at an erosional depression. Haleakala Erosional Depression just doesn’t have that ring to it that you’d like, so I will continue to call it a crater, until the next person corrects me…then I may kick them in their erosional depression.

Haleakala Crater.
This is from 10,000 feet looking down towards the Pacific Ocean. The low lying clouds and their shadows on the water caught my eyes.
A panoramic shot from the summit, looking towards the crater.