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This year in Photos: 2018

As we close the book on the year that was Twenty-Eighteen, it was suggested to me that I might want to revisit and share some of my favorite images and adventures from the past year. Since that suggestion was absolutely brilliant, allow me to wax nostalgic for a while.

In the real world of balancing a full time job with photography as a hobby, this past year I was able to change my days off at work to spend more time with Emily. At the same time, I was able to work earlier shifts, so I captured more sunsets with my lifelong friend and fellow photo enthusiast, Jonny Hooks, when our schedules and the weather cooperated.

Even though our work schedules are completely opposite, Emily and I were fortunate to travel together to O’ahu with family, Houston for a teaching conference, briefly in Seattle to spend time with friends, and we got a taste of Iceland for a few days on our way to revisiting Ireland. For almost a month, we saw as much of Ireland as we could, and we still haven’t had our fill. To this day, I still do not know which is more interesting about Ireland: the landscape we explored or the people that we encountered.

I decided to step away from the Maui Camera Club this year, simply because I just did not feel that I was getting what I needed from my time spent with the club. I no longer maintain their website, but I will return soon enough to spend time with those encouraging and amazing friends.

Speaking of blogs, one of the highlights of cyngle.com for me this year was the introduction of my “This Week in Photos” posts. I find that my Instagram account gets a lot more action because I don’t need to tell a story; therefore, I share more. When I don’t have to create, or write, or edit, and just simply post an image, I am able to produce content with greater frequency, so I decided to try and combine the two worlds in a weekly blog post.

I found my blog lacking in quality and in content this year. The second half of 2018 was a bit better, as I had more adventures and experiences to share with an audience, but I failed to publish blogs I started but didn’t finish. I am still hopeful that I will complete them and share them some time in 2019. To give you an idea of my backlog, I have four drafts in the works that just explore sites found in Northern Ireland. I hope to have two of those ready before the end of January.

Looking towards the future, I would like to say that I will become proficient and publish blogs more consistently, but life has a way of taking our plans and turning them upside-down. So I won’t make any promises for next year, except to say that I am hoping to publish a minimum of one blog per week.

Thank you for supporting my website, my photography, and my writing over these years. What started in 2011 as a way to keep people from repeatedly asking me questions about my least favorite topic (myself) has continued as an outlet for my hobbies and observations.

So much has changed since then, yet some things remain the same. I have decided that 2018 will be the last year for cyngle.com, but don’t fret, only the name of the site will change (somewhat). I plan on keeping some elements, but the site, beginning now, will be called www.holoholophoto.com (take a look at your address bar above).

Happy New Year!

Here are a few of my favorite moments from last year that I was able to capture and share with my readers.