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This Week in Photos: December 24 – 30

With the busy Holiday season in full swing at work, the only time I had to pick up my camera this week was my day off on Sunday, the 30th. Fortunately, Emily was inspired for one of her bookstagram shots, so we went to Iao Needle to try to find her shot.

Any time I go to Iao Valley it is a must for long exposures and milky water, which means filters, a tripod, and tabis (a type of water shoe, great for walking on smooth river rocks). It also typically means mosquitos, although it was so breezy Sunday morning the wind kept the mozzies away.

I edited this shot at a 1 to 1 ratio, to make it a square composition.

Later that same day we went for an afternoon neighborhood walk to stretch our legs. We hadn’t anticipated walking our big loop, but I had brought my camera and was determined to shoot something. I finally got a willing model with this livestock guard dog who always greets us with copious amounts of tail wags.