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This Week in Photos: December 31 – January 6

This past week saw 2018 come to a close, and we got a taste of the beginning of 2019. It is all so very exciting to have a new year in front of us, filled with so many possibilities. I’m not a big New Year’s resolution person, but I did set a photography goal for myself in 2019, and it will be a real challenge to satisfy my expectations (more on that in a blog post coming soon).

I shot a few sunsets this week, and to my surprise, they weren’t all at sea level. Three nights this past week I was able to stay upcountry and find different locations to document the setting sun. Emily and I also got to take our Sunday morning neighborhood walk, and I as a bonus I even got a few pictures of our chickens.

All in all it was a great week of finding time to take pictures. They aren’t going to be hanging in a gallery anytime soon, but the more you practice, the better you become at something. At the very least, the more mistakes you make, the more you learn.