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A Resolute Twenty-Nineteen

I do not usually make New Year’s resolutions. Much like chewing with my mouth open, rolling around in poison ivy or giving high-fives, it is something I just don’t do. That being said, Emily brought home a fun, motivational style calendar that counts the 365 days of the year in a very simple and unique way. After seeing how she had set a goal for herself with running in 2019, I asked her to make me a copy so I could do something similar with my photography.

The calendar is designed for you to set a days based goal for the year, which I decided should be a whopping 250 days of photography. Since I am the one setting the parameters, the idea of “days of photography” should be better defined. I need to go to a location that is not in our house (yes, the backyard can count since we have so many fun animals around), and take at least one photograph with my Nikon camera (iPhone pics do not count) that I am happy with. I am not saying the photo has to be fine art quality or has to be gallery ready quality, but I have to be satisfied that I took a picture that I am content with.

Although ambitious, 250 days of photography did not seem an improbable goal for me. Challenges I planned on running into along the way were the fact that I work 40+ hours a week, inclement weather, and maybe a lack of motivation from time to time. I thought about these possible issues and determined that my work schedule usually allows me to be available for sunsets, the weather is always good at any given time somewhere on Maui, and as for the motivation factor…as with any goal, the buddy system is invaluable for keeping you on the right track. I just assumed my good friend Jonny Hooks would be getting a lot more last minute texts and phone calls to meet me somewhere for sunset.

I started the new year off strong. The first week I missed one day, although technically I still took some photos that day, but I was not satisfied with any of the results. It was all going smoothly until I decided to do something seemingly counterproductive. I packed up all of my camera bodies and shipped them far, far away.

It all started with an innocuous statement from Emily. She is leaving soon on an international adventure, and she did not want to walk around with a professional looking camera hanging around her neck like a target for the multitude of international characters with nefarious intentions. She wondered if there was a simple point and shoot camera that would fit in her pocket that could use to take nice pictures while traveling. Not limiting myself to her broad guidelines, I began to research point and shoot cameras that had the option to take pictures in RAW format, so that we might have the option to edit her pictures to a better degree than if she just shot in JPEG.

Once she found the camera she liked, I realized that I could trade in her old one and help pay, in part, for the new one. Fortunately, my logic didn’t stop there and I wondered what if I traded in all of my stuff (camera bodies, not lenses) to pay for a new camera for me too? What ensued was an avalanche of equipment and original boxes being pulled out from everywhere.

I found plenty of online camera trade in/trade up websites and sent my information in to get an estimate. I went with a company I had used before, which is always nice to have a positive experience to reflect upon (it also helped that they were willing to give me the most for my equipment). So I packed up my gear and sent it away on January 7th.

I received a final estimate for my gear on Monday, January 21st and ordered a new camera later that day. I got one for Emily and one for myself. We mixed it up this time and Emily is going to try a Canon, while I will continue to use Nikon. I have so much money invested in their lens, it makes more financial sense to stay with the brand I am used to.

The cameras are due to arrive on Tuesday evening, so stay tuned.