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This Week in Photos: February 4 – 10

The week started off strong with a sunset shoot with my friend Jonny in Kihei at a new vantage point for both of us. The past few times we have met up, we’ve explored the coastline in locations that neither of us have ever shot before. There is a slight sense of adventure and excitement when trying to find a new composition to the same sun and ocean you’ve shot hundreds of times before. I went against my normal long exposures and decided on a much faster shutter speed to try and show the power of the water against the rocks. I was happy with some of the results.

The weekend on Maui has been a wash…literally. Heavy rains on and off for three days upcountry, pounding surf along the coast, high winds everywhere, downed trees, and with that, the inevitable power outages. On Sunday the power was out at home for seven hours, which led me to finishing reading a good book and then, leaving the house in search of a sunset.

The one positive with all the rain, for photography anyways, is the abundance of rainbows on the island. I took the following shot on my way down the hill, looking towards Mauna Kahalewai (the West Maui mountains).

As I drove along the Kihei coast looking for a new spot to shoot the sunset, I came upon the scene you see below. A boat had broken free of its mooring and drifted onto the beach. The sun was about ten minutes away from setting, so I grabbed my gear from the trunk of my car, dodged traffic, got set up, and took a few pictures before the sun set. I had intended to try a few longer exposed shots, closer to the boat, but the rain came down in sheets and soaked me and my gear as I packed up and ran back to the car.