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This Week in Photos: February 11 – 17

This week on Maui has had some of the strangest weather I’ve seen in years. We had our version of a polar vortex (I guess an equatorial vortex?), and the summit of Haleakala received snowfall on multiple days. Normally (say once every five years) when Haleakala gets snow, it is just a light dusting and it melts a few hours after the sun rises, but this week was different, as the accumulation of snow stuck around for a few days.

The national park remained closed for the inclement weather, so I did not have the chance to touch and feel the snow, but I was able to use my 70-200mm lens to get some shots from our backyard.

I hope this constant rain lets up for a few days this upcoming week, so that I can get back to shooting a sunset or two.