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This Week in Photos: March 4 – 10

This week my photography was for the birds…literally. I spent some time in our backyard with my 70-200mm lens trying to get a few shots of our beautiful girls, roaming free. I never realized how difficult it is to shoot nice pictures of chickens until I tried to get a few shots early in the morning. The fluffy hens are constantly making short, quick movements and when they are foraging they never seem to slow down.

On our Sunday morning neighborhood walk, we saw a few pheasants, some patriotic goats, and listened to the calls of several cardinals as they signaled the way home to us.

Patriotic goats…with Science City in the distance.
Shaking it off.

Our chickens are so happy when they get to take dirt baths. Look below at the face of a content bird as she nestles into a hole she dug with her dinosaur talon-like feet.

This last picture is a candid shot of a bicyclist petting a dog. The man asked the owner permission to pet the dog and the dog was licking the man’s face before I could get a clear shot. Clearly, the dog is in heaven having behind their left ear scratched, you can see it in the closed eyes, really enjoying this moment.