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This Week in Photos: March 18 – 24

I started off so strong this week by shooting twice on Monday the 18th. I drove up to Hosmer Grove, just inside Haleakala National Park, to try again at shooting some native Hawaiian birds. I think I did much better than last time in getting photos that are sharp and clear. I am still learning to shoot fast action in low light conditions, but what a fun way to practice.

After taking 500+ shots, I went home and edited the photos. Immediately I was able to delete about half of the pictures due to blur, underexposed, overexposed, or just boring subjects. Eventually I narrowed my pics down to a handful that I was happy with.

I met up with my buddy Jonny after he finished work and we drove down into Makena to scout out a few new locations for sunset. After walking up and down the rocky coast, we found a composition we were both happy with, set up our tripods and gear and waited.

Sunday morning we took our traditional neighborhood walk, so I was able to get a few shots from Makawao Town. Later in the afternoon, after cleaning up a yard full of chicken poop, I took a few shots of our girls.