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This Week in Photos: April 22 – 28

After a few weeks shooting with a used Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens, I made the (hopefully) wise decision to return the lens. I enjoyed shooting birds with it, but I just did not feel that I would get my money’s worth from the lens in my daily Maui based photo adventures. Maybe when I go on a safari, or when next I head to the mainland and visit national parks and wildlife refuges, I will purchase the lens (or something similar). Until that day, I have decided to put my 70-200mm to better use.

I made it out on a rainy evening after work with Jonny Hooks one night to shoot a sunset in Makena. The light rain never dampened our spirits and we were able to walk away with some nice shots.

I made a somewhat valiant attempt to shoot the stars atop Haleakala on Saturday night. I had snacks, water, I had a sturdy tripod, camera, flashlights, and my warm, water-resistant gear on. Unfortunately, the rain and clouds had other ideas for my plans and I did not stay around long enough to see if the high elevation clouds ever moved on.