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This Week in Photos: May 6 – May 12

This week was all about shooting the jacarandas blooming upcountry on Maui. Messy after they peak, but beautiful during the act, jacarandas can be found all over the slopes of Haleakala on Maui, usually above one-thousand feet in elevation.

Originally from South America, I had fun looking up some information on these trees that are boring for the other ten months of the year.

  • Purple panic is a term for student stress during late spring/early summer when the jacaranda bloom…just in time for school final exams.
  • Jacaranda are also known as the “exam tree,” for the same reason as mentioned above.
  • Pretoria, in South Africa, is known as Jacaranda City, but due to the tree being an invasive species, no further jacaranda trees are allowed to be planted there.
  • The word jacaranda is believed to mean fragrant, in South American dialect (not sure which one).
  • The leaves are used to make a purple dye.
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