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This Week in Photos: April 29 – May 5

I have been determined to use my 70-200mm lens more, now that I have returned the Sigma 150-600mm contemporary lens. I got up early and before I ran some errands in town I stopped by the Kanaha Pond State Wildlife Sanctuary to shoot some Hawaiian stilts or ae’os. Almost immediately I missed the 600mm range of the Sigma lens, as the stilts were just a bit too far away for a nice composition.

I met some lovely birders from Canada who were killing time on their last day, and trying to avoid the beach to give their sunburns a rest. Being patient, talking to visitors, spending more time at the sanctuary than I had anticipated worked out well. Right before I was ready to leave, one stilt came close enough for me to take a shot I did not have to crop in post-production.

On one of our afternoon walks I was able to get this three shot panorama of a beautiful jacaranda tree in full bloom. This is one of those shots I’ve taken a handful of time, but still haven’t gotten it right. I like this shot, but it is not quite the image I have in my mind. I’m determined to get it right one of these days.