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Forget Me Not

It has been awhile since I have had the time, energy, and focus to write a blog, but after my experience last night, what better way to jump right back in then sharing with my readers an epic fail on my part.

After a full day of work, I met up with my buddy Jonny to grab dinner, bring it to his house and relax a bit before we tried to catch a sunset on the west side of Maui. We ate, we talked, and we eventually hit the road, a bit behind schedule, but hey, this is Maui and we move at our own pace.

Thanks to Jonny’s excellent driving we made it to our destination, Mala Wharf, with about fifteen minutes to spare before the sun was going to set behind the horizon. The marine haze was strong, so it did not look promising for an inspiring sunset. Undeterred, we walked out to the point, said hello to another photographer, and composed our shots.

I took a few shots with my camera phone to get the right composition, set up my tripod, and fired off my first shot. Reviewing the shot on the LCD screen on the back of the camera I noticed in red the word “demo” on top of the image. My camera is still fairly new to me, but I had never seen that appear ever before, so I was slightly concerned. After the picture review timed out, the screen went back into live view mode and I realized there was a small, red rectangle in the upper left corner of the screen. It was then that it hit me that I had forgotten to put my memory card back into my camera after I had transferred images onto my computer. I knew right away that my fancy new xqd memory card was still sitting on my desk, next to the computer where I had left it a few days prior.

Feeling like a complete nincompoop, I took a few behind the scene shots of my camera to post on Instagram, but decided not to share my dilemma with Jonny, who was just a few feet away. I did not want him to feel sorry for me, nor ruin his time out in the landscape.

If you look in the upper left of the LCD screen you can see the red icon for stupidity.

A few moments went by and Jonny walked over to me to explain that all of his batteries were dead, so he couldn’t shoot. Laughing, I explained that he, at the very least, had remembered to bring the batteries with him (although there were dead). We laughed about it, told the other photographer about our double fail, packed our gear up, and enjoyed the decidedly uneventful sunset.

The non-event sunset.

In a desperate attempt to salvage the time and energy we put into our photo adventure, we drove across the street to the only Dairy Queen on the island and laughed our way through a couple of Blizzards.

This epic fail was not only a brilliant reminder to make sure we both are prepared to go shoot, especially when it has been so long, but it also made us realize the reason we go shoot together is not because of the images we take but because of the memories we make.