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For years I had this page as my “bucket list” part of my website. I filled it with grand ideas of what I could be when I grew up and where I would visit or settle down and call home. Now that I am married to the most amazing person in my world, who allows me to constantly dream of new adventures, this page would not be accurate without including what paths in our lives we still may want to travel down…together.

Taking in the view of Big Island on our way to Hana.


  • Emily and I have been saving our Hawaiian Airline miles for a big trip. The one we have in mind is to Australia and New Zealand. If we can only visit one due to costs, time restraints, or other factors, New Zealand edges out Australia by a narrow margin.
  • Italy is still ripe for exploration by us.
  • Emily and I made it to Ireland in June of 2014. Feel free to read about it here. It was a trip of a lifetime, but of course, there is never enough time. We revisited Ireland in June of 2108 and got to see a lot more than we did in 2014. Even with this last adventure we would like to go back and explore the Emerald Isle some more. I would love to be able to visit all thirty-two counties and cross them off my Ireland bingo card.


Born and raised in a small rural town in Dutchess County along the Hudson River Valley in New York, I grew up loving nature and the outdoors. I lost some of that love when I moved to Arizona to attend college, but what I lost in nature I made up for in friendships. Although Arizona certainly has its natural beauty, the city sprawl of Phoenix never felt like home to me. I always felt I was living proof of the term “rat race” in Phoenix, with the traffic and population explosion during the mid to late 1990’s. I currently reside on the Hawaiian island of Maui. Small, rural, isolated and absolutely bathed in beauty. From the pristine beaches to the thin air atop Haleakala, Maui has so much to see and do, one rarely gets tired of exploring this diverse island. That being said, there are some places away from the islands I would like to spend some time exploring at some point in my life.

  • Jackson, Wyoming: The gateway to two breathtaking National Parks (Grand Teton and Yellowstone), Jackson still has that small town rural feel to it. Jackson definitely has some rough winters (especially for those who haven’t skied since Ski Club in middle school), but the summer months into early fall are not to be missed. The nature photographer in me thinks that heaven is in Wyoming…in the summer.
  • Ireland: I think I could be very happy living in a small cottage overlooking rolling grass hills and the sea (even if I had to restore it a bit first).


  • Volunteer Park Ranger. I began volunteering up at Haleakala National Park here on Maui, but ultimately I think I would like to become more involved. The difficult part of volunteering is finding the time between real life and free time.
  • Hobbyist Photographer. I would like to be a charitable photographer. Create a non-profit and barter my prints to help others. Photography is such a dog-eat-dog world, I think I would sleep better at night knowing I gave away my work to people who need it, or sold my work to companies that could use it to their benefit.
  • Bed and Breakfast operator. I think we could be very happy running our own B&B somewhere special. Be it Ireland, or in America outside of a National Park. This is something that could be truly satisfying, having worked in huge resorts for years and seeing how bigger is not always better when it comes to a personal touch.
  • Health Care. The motorcycle accident has had a tremendous impact on my life, not just physically and emotionally, but in the way I view how people treat me and I them. I have had to deal with car insurance companies, health insurance companies, lawyers, doctors, surgeons, health care administrators, human resource administrators, physical therapists and nurses. During a time in my life where compassion and empathy would have been appreciated, I was baffled at the callousness and contempt most companies and associates had for me. The only group of people who consistently treat me like a human being, to this day, is the nursing staff. My thirteen days at Maui Memorial Medical Center were made bearable because the staff there cared about their patients and they take pride in what they do. The healthcare field, outside of the nurses, is in desperate need of staff members who can not only do their job, but take the time to make their patients understand and feel comfortable with choices that need to be made. I think I could help people during tough times.


  • Tidy Town, Hawaii. While visiting Ireland, Emily and I were so impressed with the sense of pride the people had in their cities/towns/villages/hamlets. Ireland has a wonderful program called Tidy Towns, where villages can enter and be judged against others villages of the same size on categories such as community involvement, planning, landscaping, tidiness, and litter control. We loved this idea so much, we have been trying to find a way to bring it to the Hawaiian islands. We have so many small towns on the islands and they all have a great community feeling, that it seems like a no-brainer to host competitions in Hawaii.


  1. katherine
    February 15, 2012

    it was nice to be reminded of “the road less traveled.” you’re one of the only people i know who consistently make things that you want to do a reality. i’m certain you’ll cross these things off your list soon.

  2. July 21, 2013

    Awesome list, Vinny! I have dreams of traveling the world, and Ireland is definitely at the top of my list too! (So much so, that I’m reading the book “How to be Irish”, by David Slattery — who’s a hoot, by the way — and he even appointed me my very own authentic sounding Irish name: Máire Ní Mac Morú Pretty cool, huh?) Love your positive vibes, and I wish you all the best in your quest to experience some of life’s greatest adventures!

  3. Pj
    January 20, 2014

    I’m glad to find your blog and photos. I grew up in the Phx east valley. Spent nearly 10 years living in the Prescott area, and currently live on the “other side of the mountain” in Payson. I frequent Maui several times a year, as my oldest and his family live there. Photography is one of my passions. I’ll look forward to bumping into you at one of the beautiful locations on the island. Keep the great work coming!

    • January 20, 2014

      Pj, thanks for reading my blog. A great resource for finding like-minded individuals out here on Maui is the Facebook page for the Maui Camera Club. It’s an active group of photo-enthusiasts who share, teach and learn together. Contact me via email before you arrive on Maui and I’ll let you know if there’s anything going on worth shooting!

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